Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sam from Wiltshire...

So, June this year I made the move from the UK where I have lived most of my adult life (although still not quite there!!), to the USA, for urrmm LOVE.. so I get married and settle down thinking ok.. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the USA but my faith will see me through.. its been a lil over 1 month since i have had my work permit so I am waiting.. The stress of being out here, homesick, missing my family and esp my dad who isnt doing so well, and knowing I am not in Spain to see him.... Ive been feeling less than great.. but today.. i received a box from the UK!! thank you Sam.. your presents really lifted me up.. I love tea.. I was the most grateful for that.. but not to mention the lovely card making kit, the novel (i am going to enjoy that with the bubble bath), and the chocolate!! So I just want to thank Sam for making some amazing choices, and to the Happy Sorceress for doing the blog by mail thing.. Its amazing..


  1. I am so glad you got the box and hope you enjoy the stuff inside!! Have you read Nora Roberts before? If you need any hints on how to put the card kits together just give me a buzz!!

  2. thank you, i had a lovely bubble bath today followed with the tea.. I will start the book soon. I've never really read novels i tend to like the wacky stuff.. like philosophy and all that! but thank u its something new to try